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Chris Paddock

25 Years in User Experience

I develop experience strategies and direct teams to put them into practice. Whether it's for Fortune 500 companies, such Bank of America or Fidelity, an upstart mid-level organization like Macmillan Learning, or a fledgling startup, I draw from my broad and deep experience everyday to build consensus and alignment, coach and mentor teams, and set focus for the path ahead.


Companies & Industries

Deep and varied experiences

I've had the good fortune to work for some of the best brands in the world, as well as burgeoning startups and mid-tier companies on the rise. It's provided me with deep perspective on scaling and mentoring teams, developing relationships, building consensus, and strategy creation. 


Macmillan Learning

Leading digital transformation in education technology

The entire education publishing industry is going through its digital transformation right now. Hard to believe, but it presents so much opportunity for UX to make an impact, and our team is taking advantage of it. We've gotten the entire company to view our products differently and, in turn, what we focus on to grow. 


Bank of America

A vanguard in UX fluency 

In the early 2000s, Bank of America was way ahead of the curve in its digital transformation and, as a consequence, their UX fluency. Advanced design and research methods, user-centered processes, explicit investment in the UX team showed me early on what a mature product development and UX org looked like. 

virgin pulse logo.jpeg

Virgin Pulse

Realized the potential of bridging physical and digital channels

Virgin pulse saw the opportunity to get people moving even before smart trackers and smart phones existed. As technology advanced, they were in the right position to scale up. This was largely because of the user-centered development process my team applied to our core tracking application and deployed across channels. 

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